New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Kennard, Tx Rev. William T. Purvis, Pastor
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Kennard, Tx Rev. William T. Purvis, Pastor

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1867 and was then known as Cochino Baptist Church. The founders were: Rev. John Vaughn, Rev. Amos Lacey, Bro. Bill Harkin, Bro. John Doveret, Bro. Sam Davenport, and Bro. Shade McLemore. After being organized Rev. Amos Lacey pastored for a number of years followed by Rev. John Bolden, Rev. Martin Reece, Rev. Rand Kitchen, Rev. John Burns, Rev. W. F. Talford, Rev. C. H. Patrick, Rev. Robert Groves, Rev. Jimmy Johnson, Rev. W. S. Brent, Rev. J. R. Woodall. The church burned down in 1929 and service was held in the Westside Colored School adjacent to the church until another building was erected. The church was then pastored by Rev. N. P. Johnson. In 1944 Rev. J. S. Walker became pastor and served for 33 years. In November 1977 Rev. Richard Ayers became pastor. Those pastors succeeding him were Rev. Richard Griffin, Rev. Clovis Johnson and in 1998, Rev. William T. Purvis assumed the current position as pastor. New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is located in the heart of Kennard TX right off State Highway 7W. We extend an open door to anyone who would like to stop by and attend our services.  New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is one of the cornertones of this community and we do not take that position lightly.  We are led by the Holy Spirit and consider our church an active, integral part of our community and the city of Kennard, Texas.

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